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Reaching out with research!

This spring has offered several exciting opportunities for me to share my research with audiences outside the academy.

  • You can hear me chat about Richard Methley's wonderful and weird mysticism in Episode 4 of the podcast "My Favourite Mystic" with producer and host A.J. Langley: listen here.

  • On 25 March, the Feast of the Annunciation, I led an informal discussion seminar on zoom on "Mary's Book at the Annunciation" for members of the Anglican Chaplaincy of Norway. It was a lovely chat about the strange and beautiful details of Annunciation art, and what these images mean for different people.

  • In April I was invited to be a "religious orakle" for the Religionsoraklene series of informational written articles and videos produced by the Department of Religious Studies here at UiB, targeting Norwegian high school students. My contribution is on the question "Hva betyr jomfru Marias bok i bebudelsen?" (What does Mary's book at the Annunciation mean?). Read and watch the video here - both in Norwegian. Or the video is also available below:

  • Two of my monograph chapters have now been published Open Access, meaning they are available for free download: the "Introduction" and Chapter 4, "Writing the Book: The Annunciation and Visionary Women." Click on the OPEN ACCESS tab on the publisher's website. This is an excellent way of getting this research out to more readers - and enticing them to read or buy the whole thing. (N.B. Ebook option coming back soon to the publisher's website - that's where I get royalties from! Although the print version is so nice to have...)

  • In the coming months I'll have an essay published in the UiB student-run literary magazine Prosopopeia, on Julian of Norwich and Philip K. Dick. More on that soon!


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