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Announcements: Digital Birgitta database and CFP 'Approved Women' essays volume

First announcement: The online resource for my Birgitta project is now officially launched! It includes a database of entries of books and people related to Birgitta in England, as well as network graphs and digital editions.

It has been findable for some time, and there are still aspects that we will be working on. It holds an enormous amount of data that will hopefully be quite helpful for all kinds of researchers.

More about the project in general can be found here:

Second announcement: the call for abstracts for the essay volume rooted in my project is now available! The title of the volume will be:

‘Approved women': Birgitta of Sweden and Other Continental Visionaries in Medieval England

In fact, the call is more for a series of workshops that will help develop essays from abstract to final form. The intended publication is a collected essays volume from Boydell & Brewer that follows up the influential 1996 volume Prophets Abroad: The Reception of Continental Holy Women in Late-Medieval England , but workshopped essays could find other homes as well. The goal is to foster a constructive, supportive journey all the way from initial idea to published article.

Please spread widely!

CFP 'Approved women' essays volume
Download PDF • 184KB

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