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New role as book review editor of JMRC!

As of August 2020 and issue 47.1, I am the new book review editor for the Journal of Medieval Religious Cultures, and honored to join new editors Jessica Barr and Barbara Zimbalist. For the last 40 years, JMRC (once known as Mystics Quarterly and Fourteenth-century Mystics Newsletter) has been publishing peer-reviewed articles on medieval mystical and devotional texts from Europe and beyond. Alongside the scholarly articles JMRC publishes reviews of relevant monographs, collected essays volumes, and editions.

Details on JMRC can be found here: and present and past issues accessed on JStor: .

We are also looking for more book reviewers and books to review!


If you would like to be added to our list of potential reviewers, please fill out this form: This means that we might contact you in the future if a book comes up that seems like a good fit for your areas of expertise. If you have reviewed for JMRC in the past, and would like to be sure to be on our current list of reviewers, please feel free to fill out the form as well. We will also continue to contact other scholars as usual who do not register in this way. Doctoral students are welcome to register.

Reviewing for JMRC means that if you accept a subsequent request to review a book, you will receive a copy of the monograph directly from the press, either in e-book form or a hard copy in the mail, and then have approximately 3 months to submit a review of approx. 900-1100 words.


If you would like to suggest for review a relevant book(s) published since 2019, please fill out this form: This could include a book you published, or other books you think should be reviewed.

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